About Us

Founded in September of 2014, On-Site Computer Services of Auburn was established with a vision of bringing fast, affordable, safe and professional computer repair services right to the doorstep of customers in Auburn, Alabama area. And beyond computer repair, installation and maintenance services, OSCS’ listing of service offerings grew to include computer tutoring and instruction. Integrity and excellence are at the foundation of everything that we do here at On-Site Computer Services of Auburn, and nothing is more valuable to us than our relationships with our customers. We strive to build relationships founded upon trust and respect so that you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got “your computer guy” who is always prepared to help, always pursuing that which is in your best interest.

Quick Facts:

Founded in: 2011

Services rendered: On-location, always. OSCS of Auburn is a purely mobile business. If you’re uncomfortable having a computer tech come to your home, a meeting can be arranged at a more neutral location, such as a coffee shop.

Areas served:
   Local Auburn area

Cost for services: Variable, but always the most affordable in the area!

Customers served: Over 350 happy customers!

Brands serviced: All name brand and custom-built PCs, as well as Apple’s Mac computers. We also perform a limited number of services on iPods, iPhones and iPads.

Tip Of The Week

Backing up your files and computer is one of those, often overlooked, things that can be the difference between making a deadline, or avoiding a headache; and a potential nightmare. Remember the golden 3 rules of backing up.

1. Save (Backup) Early.
2. Save (Backup) Often.
3. Save (Backup) Multiple Copies.
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