Here at On-Site Computer Services of Auburn, we strive to be able to handle all of your home and small office computer repair and tutoring needs.

How OSCS of Auburn works:

Our computer repair and tutoring business is unique; we do not maintain a traditional, storefront location. We meet all of our customers’ needs on-location throughout the Volusia County area. In virtually all cases, this means that the repair appointment will take place in your home or at your place of business. Computer repair services can be rendered immediately on-site. We call this “On-Site” service and the turnaround time is usually under three hours. As an alternative option, laptop or desktop computers can be brought back to OSCS of Auburn's home office and returned when repaired. We call this "Take Away Service.” This service is generally more economical than On-Site service and has a typical turnaround time of three days.

Customers that would prefer not to have their computer technician visit their home can arrange for Take Away Service, with the pick-up and drop-off appointments to take place at a neutral location such as a coffee shop. (Out of respect for local business owners, we do not render paid, On-Location services [immediate repairs or tutoring] on the premises of such locations.)

Some of the services that we offer:

Rather than supply a generic list of computer repair and computer tutoring services, suffice it to say that On-Site Computer Services of Auburn can handle a varied array of computer jobs. We specialize in virus removal, computer “tune-ups” and new computer installation/data migration services. However, we can handle anything, from something as simple as installing a program, to something as messy as replacing a failed hard drive and recovering your data. We work on laptop computers as well as desktop computers and we are quite competent in common services like RAM/memory upgrades and hard drive upgrades. OSCS of Auburn’s technicians are very capable when it comes to laptop-specific services as well, such as cracked/dead screen replacements, keyboard replacements and power jack (charging port) replacements. Oh and did we mention that we work on Mac computers as well as PCs? Well, we do!

Our tutoring services are based on each customer’s specific needs and tailored to suit. We do not maintain a library of reference material or follow specific curriculums. Why? Well, we’d rather not make you sit through information that you already know. Instead, YOU tell US what you need to learn and we will help you learn it. Need to learn ALL the basics? We can handle something as big as taking you on the “grand tour” of your new PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Need to learn a few specific tasks? Perhaps a specific software such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Pages, Numbers or Keynote? We can handle that too.

Remember: honesty is our number ONE concern. Call us and let us know what you need. If we can’t handle it, we’ll let you know up front. We never want to waste your time OR your money!

Tip Of The Week

Backing up your files and computer is one of those, often overlooked, things that can be the difference between making a deadline, or avoiding a headache; and a potential nightmare. Remember the golden 3 rules of backing up.

1. Save (Backup) Early.
2. Save (Backup) Often.
3. Save (Backup) Multiple Copies.
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